At Regatta Outfitters, there are several ways to order our products.

1. Place your order on our interactive website
You can select your items and enter or upload engraving or printing details. If your products are engraved metal and you enter your, burgee, sailplan and text information, it will calculate your engraving costs and show as a separate line item. Most other engraving and printing costs are included in the base price.

2.  Place your order via email
Send your information to
Please include the following information:
Shipping Address (if different)
Date required in hand (very important!)
Event Name
Yacht Club or Organization
Payment Information (V, MC, Amex) Any other payment method must be received prior to product shipment. Please do not sent payment information using email. We will contact you for payment information.

3. Telephone Orders
Telephone orders are cheerfully accepted.
We will walk you through the process on the phone.
All orders require a proof be created by our art department and transmitted via email to you in PDF format. The PDFs are created in full size. If you have any concerns on rare occasions, that the engraving or printing may be too small or hard to read, you can simply print out that portion.

Please review the proof carefully. The proof is a tool to insure the information provided to us is correct. Conversely, it lets you know we have a complete and through understanding of your order. Should the information we send to you contain any errors or omissions, please let us know and we will resubmit a revised proof. If the proof is satisfactory, please send us an email letting us know and we move the order into the production phase.

There are no charges associated with the proof process. We have found it to be beneficial to discover errors or misunderstandings prior to production, rather than at the awards ceremony!!

4. Burgees and Sailplans
As you can see, we have an extensive library of both burgees and sailplans. That being said, there are going to be times that we don’t have what you need. We will create these for you at no charge. All we ask is assistance, if required, in tracking down obscure sailplans. Burgees are not usually too difficult to find an image to draw from. We can and have worked from cocktail napkins.

5. Large Orders
While we love and live for large orders, we must require a 50% deposit at booking on orders over $1,000.00.